When did our health take a detour?

"Frankenfood". Ever heard of it? This was a term that I learned from Melissa Hartwig as I began my first Whole 30. I was battling hypothyroid and migraines at the time and I was tired of it. I decided to clean up my diet since my food seemed to be the only thing that I could control. I wanted to see if any of the food that I was eating was contributing to my migraines as they had been progressing to two days at a time with a mean, what I refer to it as, hangover.

I was very taken by the catchy word and all that it stood for. The way I understand it is that a "Frankenfood" is the product of other genetically modified food or animal products. This food was being reconfigured and brought back to life in the form of something that our bodies would practically never agree with, much less tolerate.

I have a clear memory of when I noticed my first addition to this category. I was very young and at my grandparents house. My grandma always stocked the best snacks so I perused the kitchen to see if there was anything that I needed to know about. I looked in the pantry and there it was.

There was a plastic squeeze bottle of purple ketchup. What the...I thought to myself. I remember asking her about it in a suspicious way. Why is this ketchup purple? Tomatoes aren't purple. My grandma responded that she had gotten it for my younger cousins because they thought it was cool. I set it down and walked away a bit disgusted. I felt like someone was trying to trick me and I was not a fan. After all of that judgment and detective work, I still managed to eat five donuts in one sitting and wash it down with a soda for breakfast. Just typing that has made me uncomfortable.

Nowadays I am even more suspicious than ever. As I continue on my health journey set out to leave all of the "Frankenfoods" behind me. I have turned into a label reading machine! These days, if I cannot pronounce it, I'm overly skeptical and most of the time I will just put it back on the shelf. Why does food have to have an ingredient list anyway? If these so called "natural flavors" are so natural, then why are they even listed separately from the actual natural ingredient in the product? I suggest everyone become confident in knowing what ingredients are in your food. These ingredients could be having a major effect on your body in a negative way.

That said, in the image above, I have outlined what important landmarks in our historical timeline have had an effect on the quality of our food and health as a population. It can be easy to not think about these things when we are on our daily auto-pilot mode, but it's always important to look back and see how where we've come from. As people become more conscious of what they put in their bodies, we can start to gain some control back from the food industry as we vote with our dollars everyday. Is there a "Frankenfood" that you just feel like you can't live without? I want to hear about it because I bet that you can!

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